Valerie Bertinelli Discloses Experiencing Criticism for Her Appearance in the Open

The “hidden bruise” and Valerie Bertinelli’s mental health are both openly discussed. On February 12, 2023, Bertinelli posted a video to Instagram in which she could be seen moving around and interacting with the camera.
As Bertinelli moves throughout the video, we can hear a swishing sound in addition to her voice.

I’m laughing because a tiny, dormant bruise I had today started acting up, Bertinelli stated. You can probably hear my jeans because they are rubbing against each other and making that particular noise. Her trousers created a swishing sound as she moved.

The reason Bertinelli “stopped wearing” these particular pants, according to Bertinelli, was because she had been “mercilessly mocked” by an ex who used to say that if she weren’t so lazy and lost weight, her pants wouldn’t make that noise.

Later, Bertinelli elaborated on her use of the phrase “hidden bruise.” According to her, “hidden bruises are something that emotional, verbal, and mental abuse does to you that people can’t see.”

“The work I’m doing on healing is working, so now it’s making me laugh,” she concluded. “I permanently stored these jeans in a closet. When she has successfully treated her hidden bruise, she may “wear them, hear that sound, and to me, that sound represents freedom.”

At the conclusion of her piece, Bertinelli stated that she was hesitant to broadcast this video because she expected feedback advising her to “let go of it” and “move on.” She nevertheless uploaded it because “this is what moving forward is all about. This is what we mean by healing. Everyone who can relate to this and feels heard is also welcome. I am just another tribal member here.

Many supportive comments were left on her video in the comments section. As a commenter pointed out, healing isn’t a linear process. Yet here you are! You’re thriving and enduring.

There is a comment that reads, “Thank you for sharing the concept of hidden bruises.”

“So proud of you!” exclaimed in another admirer. You are an inspiration to many people because of your strength.

To hear more about Bertinelli’s struggle to move past her suffering, watch the video below.

Do you understand the meaning of “hidden bruises”? Are there any “hidden bruises” on you? Have you ever strolled around in trousers that created a swishing noise?

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