The famous singer requested the young woman join her in song. The entire audience was astounded in a matter of seconds!

Fans of the Got Talent series may recall Celine, a young singer from Hong Kong who participated in season 12 of America’s Got Talent and advanced to the semifinals. Celine was just nine years old.

The girl was requested to sing with the famous singer. In a matter of seconds, every single spectator was in awe!

When the singer didn’t advance to the final, fans were incensed, and even some celebrities also believed she deserved to be there. Helene Fischer, one of Germany’s most amazing singers, is one of them.

Helen Fisher made the choice to ask Celine to sing a song with her on the program.

It was a performance of the highest caliber. It was impossible to tell the voices apart because the song was so vivid. They are deserving of the public’s acclaim and fans’ adoration!

Watch the video here:

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