Simon Cowell’s GOLDEN BUZZER on AGT 2023 Will Blow You Away Full video Full video is in the comments 👇👇👇

Don’t miss this sensational inspiring audition from America’s Got Talent 2023 that blew Simon Cowell away and won his GOLDEN BUZZER!

As Zion, 25, disclosed on the episode, he’s faced a number of challenges from the earliest moments of his life. The Canton, Ohio, native was born with a “super rare” condition called caudal regression syndrome that left him with no legs.

“There’s practically nothing known about it,” he explained. “Aside from the fact I don’t have legs.”

Zion didn’t know either of his parents while growing up in the foster care system for the first 17 years of his life. “Mother’s in prison, dad’s in jail. I was thrown into the system from the second I left the hospital,” he explained on the episode.

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