Close your eyes and listen to this performance… It feels like Elvis is singing it himself!

Surely the Godfather of Rock ‘n’ Roll is beaming down on this lady from above. Eleven years old is Angelica Jordan. This gifted young woman is from Oslo. She entered the Norwegian scene due to her talent, but this video catapulted her to global fame.

Elvis’s impersonation is challenging, yet she does it flawlessly. The song “Now or Never,” a smash, is started by the girl.

The 1950s saw Elvis at the height of his fame. There are still a lot of Elvis impersonators around today, particularly in Las Vegas. Everyone is attempting to capitalize on the king’s image. They can be found everywhere in the city of sin. You can have your wedding or even a burial at one of them.

Nobody could take the helm, no matter how many people tried to mimic his voice. Until Angelica, a gifted young woman appears.

Angelica reveals that she will perform an Elvis song as she steps onto the stage. The audience’s excitement can be heard within Fredriksten Fortress. Elvis hit covers are frequently recorded by artists; however, youngsters often cannot do this. Angelica didn’t exhibit any anxiety.

It’s incredible how she performs this challenging song. Most people anticipated that she would select an item appropriate for her age group. Angelica, however, is not afraid to challenge herself. She performs according to tradition and does not make any mistakes.

Here is the video:

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