Calum Courtney sings “Good Feeling” MUCH BETTER Britain’s Got Talent Full video is in the comments 👇👇👇

Calum Courtney sings “Good Feeling” MUCH BETTER.This is full performance for this contestant during the Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Final live. BGT Season 12 episode 13.

All of this would be incredible enough for a ten-year-old boy, but Calum has also been diagnosed with Autism. His mom said in an interview “Calum has high functioning autism.

For Calum, this means blurred social boundaries, struggles with school and difficulties with friendships, but also that enables him to have no fear to get up and belt out a song. We describe his Autism to him as a superpower, it may take a little from other areas of life, but it’s given him the superpower of music.”

From his adorable performance, you can see what an incredibly polite, cheerful and all-rounded person Calum seems to be. Fame has not gone to his head, and his feet are firmly planted on the ground. You need to watch this video of Calum to see for yourself what a talented 10-year-old he is is:

Calum Courtney has everyone falling in LOVE with this incredible performance…

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