At the 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors Award ceremony, Adam Lambert put on a show that nobody was expecting to be so epic. As a tribute to the legendary pop diva, Cher, he sang her hit song “Believe” but with his own twist. Lambert’s version of “Believe” was heartfelt and ballad-like, a stark contrast to the upbeat and electric original. The camera panned to a visibly moved Cher wiping away tears as Lambert sang. Three weeks later, Cher was still moved by the performance, writing on Twitter that it was “BEYOND COMPREHENSION.” Watch video in comments below 👇

Adam Lambert, known for his meteoric rise from «American Idol» contestant to the lead singer of Queen, delivered a mesmerizing rendition of Cher’s iconic 1998 hit, “Believe,” during the 2019 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors. This esteemed occasion, held at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, D.C. on December 26, 2018, commemorates lifetime achievements in the arts. Lambert’s performance was a standout moment, paying tribute to Cher, one of the distinguished honorees of the event.

Reimagining “Believe” as a Stirring Ballad

In a captivating twist, Lambert transformed “Believe” into a poignant ballad, departing from its original dynamic and rhythmic style. This heartfelt rendition struck a chord with the audience, visibly moving Cher to tears.

Cher’s Emotional Response

Lambert’s rendition left a lasting impression on Cher, deeply touching her. Weeks following the ceremony, Cher expressed her overwhelming emotions on Twitter, describing the performance as “BEYOND COMPREHENSION.”

Witness the emotional depth of Adam Lambert’s rendition of “Believe” at the Kennedy Center Honors, a performance that resonated with the legendary Cher, by viewing the video below.

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