They Chuckled as She Walked on Stage, But When She Sings ‘Bring It on Home’ — Everyone Wants MORE. Over and over again, you’ve been told never to judge a book by its cover. Well, it’s true. But even reality show judges sometimes forget this old truth, and it seems as though they have to relearn it every week! One lady teaches this very lesson to the judges on the popular reality TV show. Video in the FIRST comment….

Time and again, you’ve been reminded never to judge a book by its cover. It’s an old truth that even reality show judges sometimes overlook, learning it anew each week. One woman drives home this lesson on the popular reality TV show “The X-Factor.”

Her name is Panda Ross, hailing from New Mexico. The judges couldn’t help but scoff when she took the stage. Simon, one of the judges, inquires about her name, leading to an amusing exchange. As she explains her name’s origin, the judges are incredulous. Yet, despite just recovering from a bout of pneumonia, Panda remains undeterred, determined to make her X-Factor audition unforgettable.

Panda’s voice is nothing short of remarkable. With power and emotion, she captivates the audience and even earns sweet revenge on Simon.

Following her breathtaking performance, the judges shower Panda with praise. L. A. perhaps sums it up best: “I can’t deny how good that was. I can’t deny it. That was really good. I love that song. It was the perfect song choice. And look, you moved this room.” Even Simon concedes, “Panda, you sound like a legend.”

Online fans adore Panda, acknowledging her unique talent and infectious spirit. As one fan aptly puts it, “Panda Ross leaves both Britney Spears and Demi Levato in the dust when it comes to talent.”

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Watch the amazing performance below.

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