Simon Calls this Guitar Player a Genius after the Greatest Audition Ever Seen on America’s Got Talent. Video in the first comment

Marcin Patrzalek, an 18-year-old guitarist from Poland, delivered a breathtaking performance on America’s Got Talent that left a lasting impression. Eager to begin his college journey in the United States, Marcin shared his excitement on stage, charming the audience and judges.

When Gabrielle Union asked why he chose this show, Marcin called it the “best show on earth,” earning applause. Although he didn’t sing, his guitar skills were poised to win over hearts. As the performance began, anticipation was palpable.

Marcin’s unique take on Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony captivated Simon Cowell, who expressed his amazement at Marcin’s mastery. The audience was equally enthralled by his energetic and skillful performance. Gabrielle Union nodded along, impressed by his rhythm and versatility, as he used the guitar not just melodically but also percussively, tapping its body to add depth to his music.

The audience stood in ovation, but Marcin wasn’t finished. He continued, weaving intricate rhythms and captivating the judges. Howie Mandel marveled at his enthusiasm and talent, while Terry Crews watched in awe from backstage.

Just when the audience thought the performance was over, Marcin surprised them with more. As he concluded, thunderous applause filled the hall. Simon Cowell called his performance “genius,” humorously reflecting on his own guitar lessons. Julianna Hough praised Marcin’s “artistic passion,” while Howie Mandel remarked that Marcin didn’t just play the guitar; he “dominated” it. All judges enthusiastically advanced him to the next round.

With over 53 million views on YouTube, Marcin Patrzalek’s performance has become a viral sensation, showcasing his extraordinary talent and passion.

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