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Ever since Kate Middleton disclosed her cancer diagnosis with the public, the Palace has been receiving an outpouring of letters from well-wishers. Normally, the palace receives up to 1,000 letters each week from the public, but since Kate opened up of her cancer and the preventive chemotherapy treatment, that number increased significantly.

This overwhelming amount of correspondence has been challenging for the team to manage, but they do their best to respond to all well-wishers eventually. The Prince and Princess of Wales have a private office at Kensington Palace, but all the letters to the Royal Family are handled by the Court Post Office.


As expected, the Britons, as well as people from every corner of Earth, closely follow every move the Palace makes when it comes to Kate as they eagerly wait for her return to the public life and her royal duties.

It was back in mid-January that Kate underwent a planned abdominal surgery which required a two-week long stay at the hospital. Even then, the public and the media started rumors regarding her health as the hospital stay seemed quite longer than expected. Following the surgery, the princess was nowhere to be seen. People questioned her whereabouts, and the only official statement the Palace issued back then was that she “was doing fine.”


Fast forward to March, Kate opened up about her health condition in a pre-recorded video in which she explained that doctors found the presence of cancer after running tests following her planned surgery. She and William asked for privacy.

Sources close to her spoke to the media and said her schedule has been empty. However, her recent appearances are seen as a positive sign.

She is not rushing when it comes to resuming her royal duties and engagements.

“There is no timeline, and there is certainly no hurry,” a source said. “It will be when Catherine feels ready and when she gets the greenlight from her medical team. But she will 100% be coming back to work, of that there is no question.”


To commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week, the Prince and Princess of Wales shared a video featuring the work Kate has been doing privately.

Despite the fact that she tries to stay out of the spotlight, the Princess of Wales is “excited” to be at the heart of the launch of a new project that could boost the UK economy by £45.5billion ($57 billion) a year. As per The Daily Mirror, Kate’s Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood would release a report this week from eight British firms that would identify five areas where businesses can support children under five and their caregivers. It will also highlight the significant future benefits of investing in early childhood.

Kate has been the “driving force” behind the charity which is believed to had been started before her cancer diagnosis.


Although there are no images published on the social media, it has been reported that Kate has been seen “out and about” with her family in recent days. However, this isn’t something the public should get too exited about because Kate still needs “space and time.”

“No one wants to put any pressure on Catherine,” an insider told MailOnline last week. “The only thing that matters at the moment is her getting better. She has been through an ordeal this year.”

We truly hope to see Kate under the spotlight as soon as possible.

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