“Changed beyond recognition”: Honest appearance of Dylan Sanders from “Charlie’s Angels”

The actress is for natural beauty and is proud of her appearance

Although she is still beautiful, Drew Barrymore always gets criticized for her appearance and body size. The actress does everything natural to stay fit and look beautiful, at the same time refusing any plastic interference.

Fans mostly fell in love with the actress for her role of the red-haired spy in “Charlie’s Angels”. She looked incredibly beautiful and charismatic in the film, attracting millions of people. However, years have passed since release of the film and the actress has changed dramatically.

Barrymore is not a fan of Botox injections to cover up her age-related features. The actress is for natural beauty and proudly shows off her wrinkles.

Moreover, you may notice that the star doesn’t wear much make-up in her photos, which gives the look that she is even older. And she doesn’t look like the shocking spy from the famous film.

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