“27 injections for the full effect”: the photo of the girl before terrible plastic surgery is being discussed on the Internet

Today, in order to become a freak, it’s enough just to pay a lot of money to surgeons who will literally make anything odd out of a person. We have an orc, an alien, and countless Instagram divas who think that dumpling instead of lips is beautiful.

This girl named Andera Ivanova looks so extravagant and has recently acquired the status of a freak.

Of course, you can’t call her Barbie, but she has clearly lost something human.

She managed to change a lot in her body: breasts, buttocks, a couple of extra ribs for the waist. But lips cause the most negativity.

It took Andera 27 injections to get the shape and size that she wanted. Her goal is the Guinness Book of Records.

Fans who found her “pre-freaky” photos are convinced that she used to be 100 times more charming and pleasant than she is now.

And what do you think? Is it a right decision to go so far and spoil your pretty face?

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